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About Us

For the Love of a Pup

My love for dogs was instant and everlasting. Having three chocolate labs over the years has allowed me to see how dogs bring unconditional love and happiness in the lives of dog owners. As an artist, educator, mental health professional, and dog sitter, Franklin + Co. came about through the love of pups, entrepreneurship, and artistic passions.

My mission at Franklin + Co. is to celebrate the unique bond between dogs and their human companions by providing high-quality, stylish, and functional bandanas that enhance the lives of both dogs and their owners. I am committed to creating products that reflect the individuality and personality of each dog, while promoting a sense of fun, fashion, and joy in the everyday moments shared with our four-legged friends.

Through the meticulously crafted bandanas, I aim to bring smiles, wagging tails, and a sense of pride to dogs and their owners alike. I believe that every dog deserves to look and feel their best, and the bandanas are designed to do just that.

I strive to be a trusted brand that pet parents turn to for exceptional quality, trend-setting designs, and outstanding customer service.

At the core, I value sustainability and ethical practices. I prioritize using environmentally friendly materials and production methods, ensuring that our products have a minimal impact on the planet we share with our furry companions. Furthermore, I support animal welfare organizations and initiatives, actively contributing to the well-being and happiness of dogs and people in need.

Ultimately, my goal is to become the go-to brand for dog bandanas, inspiring dog owners to express their love and creativity through our products. I aim to foster a community of passionate dog lovers who share in our vision of spreading joy and style to dogs around the world.

Together, we celebrate the unique spirit and unbreakable bond between humans and our pups.

- Kat Cordier, CEO and Proud Dog Mom of Franklin

K9s for Warriors

As a former Army Brat and mental health professional, I have always admired and had a great appreciation for service members, first responders, and their families.

K9s For Warriors provides military veterans with a trained and rescued service dogs. They support veterans suffering from PTSD, TBIs, and/or military sexual trauma.

It is an honor to support warriors through their healing journey with the best gift one can possibly give, a pup with unconditional love.

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